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Terms That Can Be Used To Refer To Our Mighty Lord

Are you a Christian that is questing to understand God better? Thankfully, through the TV it is possible to get all the answers that we seek. Watching television will help us to understand our Creator better by learning different Hebrew names of God. Most of the Christians are still not conversant with the various names of God. Each name of God has a significant meaning. Most believers only know that the other name of God is Joshua. In the bible God is defined with the names that are greater than any other name. Through watching TV we can meet men of God that describe the various ways that we can call our God.

There are several names of God as defined by the ambassadors of God. One of the meanings of God is Adonai that means Lord God. God can also be referred to as Yahweh which means God. The name Yahweh is not very new to some of us, it has been used in the Hebrew Bible. Many people use the term in their prayers and while singing out to God. The other in which we can describe our God us El Shaddai which means that our God is all powerful. It signifies that our God is all powerful and there is no strength that is greater than our Lord. The fourth name that can be used to call our God is EL Roi which signifies the God that sees everything. In the bible some believers experienced Gods love even when they were amid a valley. For instance when Hagar was sent away by Abraham and wondered in the desert with no water to give his son God showed up and provided water. Another name that can be used to describe our God is Elohim which signifies that God is the Creator. God was there even when there was nobody; he is the beginning and the end. It is through his spoken words that there was creation. Therefore if he could do all these things he has power over everything.

God is also described as Yahweh Yireh this means that God is our provider. God is in a position to give everything that we request as long as it is according to his will. Another way in which we can describe our God is Ropheka which means that our God heals. The creator of the universe is capable of comforting us from every heartache that we are suffering from. God can also be described as a consuming fire. God is ready to take care of us even when we offend him. This means that our God is ready to rescue us from every consuming fire. God is also described as a God of peace. God is a God of peace, and he will rescue us from all our troubles.

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