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Cleaning Breathing Machines

Respiratory diseases can be problematic and may make breathing hard for patients during activities like sleeping or traveling among others. It is therefore common for the patient to be given some devices to help in making the breathing process easier for them. Continuous positive airway pressure equipment is designed for the purpose of helping the patients breath more easily. Patients get masks which they put around their nose and mouth and position it there with the aid of straps tied behind the head or neck. A hollow tube then joins the face mask to the device which is to supply the air o the patient continuously and at regulated speed.

The gadgets are connected to electricity sources which power their running and functionality. The devices require frequent cleaning to get rid of germs that are left on the equipment and they can cause germs. Usually patients are given directions on how to clean them and which cleaning products to use and also for the intervals of washing them. The cleaning process is a burden to the patients because it is time-consuming and can make them late for other appointments.

A new device has been designed for cleaning the equipment used by the continuous positive airway pressure devices which is more efficient. This device is quite small and thus portable making it easy for clients to move around with it or position it in desired locations. It is also powered by electricity and additionally it has a battery which can keep power for the device after charging. To clean, it requires the patient to connect it to a power source and then to the continuous positive airway pressure device then it does this automatically.

It is designed for thorough cleaning by being able to eliminate almost a hundred percent of the germs present in the equipment. Activated oxygen or commonly known as ozone is used by the devices for cleaning purposes. The time taken to completely disinfect the whole system by this device is quite short as compared to using manual cleaning. This cleaner does not need the use of cleaning agents such as soap or other detergents for cleaning the machine.

The design also makes it work without the need for patients to add water to the device for cleaning. Patients are relieved of the burden of having to wash these gadgets every time using soap and other disinfectants and only do it once in a while say after a week. Patients get the benefit of having clean equipment always and the possibility of forgetting to clean reduced due to the ease of doing so. Other appointments are easy to attend since the time taken to clean is less and it is automatic.
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